AEI Student Design Competition

Omaha, Nebraska | April 5, 2018

2016 Award Winners

The 2016 AEI Student Design Competition winners were announced during the awards banquet held at the AEI FORUM at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA, on Friday, April 1. Thirteen teams from eight different architectural engineering programs participated in the submittal portion of the competition. Seven teams were invited to present at the finals for the competition before a jury of twelve. Congratulations to all the winners!

In addition, three special awards were presented to the following teams.

  • Innovation in Sustainability Award (Sustainable design and construction)
    Winner: Team 6, Lawrence Technological University
  • Innovation in Resiliency Award (Resiliency with respect to local environmental considerations)
    Winner: Team 12, Kansas State University
  • Innovation in Integration Award (Integration with and impact on adjoining structures and public ways)
    Winner: Team 2, The Pennsylvania State University


  • Team 2 The Pennsylvania State University
    Jennifer Gong, Nathan Bires, Sebastian Jongerius, Kaitlyn Gardner, Ryan Davie, Michael Kolvek, Steve Butz, Eli Manges, and faculty advisor M. Kevin Parfitt.
  • Team 3 The Pennsylvania State University
    Doris Ho, Qi (Wendy) Jiang, Yoonsun (Rosemary) Hwang, Andrew Brouwers, Ethan Fogle, Hannah Noss, Stephen Polyniak, Rachel Herrington and faculty advisor M. Kevin Parfitt.
  • Team 6 Lawrence Technological University
    Dan Gallagher, Farah Anoni, Hadiel Mohilldean, Christopher Fazzalare, Crystal Smith, Zechariah Vinson, and faculty advisor Ralph Nelson.
  • Team 9 University of Nebraska-Lincoln at Omaha
    Adam MacKenzie, Ben MacKenzie, Brianna Brass, Jacob Clatanoff, Jacob Pulfer, Katie Gilg and faculty advisor Clarence Waters, Ph.D.
  • Team 10 Milwaukee School of Engineering
    Adam Heffington, Dylon Bowen, Daniel Vonberg, Johanna Wang, Ryan Koenig, Tom Dillman, Chris Garcia, Michael Prochaska and faculty advisor Robert Lemke.
  • Team 12 Kansas State University
    Christopher Wearing, Christopher Bolin, Spencer Combs, Austin Curnutt, Hunter Elliott, Cassandra Ford, Seth Heronemus, Paul Kempainen, Emily Krampe, Nicole Sabourin and faculty advisor Russell Murdock.

Team 3, The Pennsylvania State University

Building Integration, Structural Systems Design, and Mechanical Systems Design

View the written submission (PDF)

Team 9, University of Nebraska-Lincoln at Omaha

Electrical Systems Design

View the written submission (PDF)

Team 2, The Pennsylvania State University

Construction Management and Development

View the written submission (PDF)


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