AEI Student Design Competition

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | April 12, 2017


The competition is open to both graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in the accredited architectural engineering programs and programs actively seeking accreditation by EAC/ABET. Each team shall be supervised and advised by faculty advisors. Teams from architectural engineering programs that are not accredited will be allowed to partner with students in an accredited architectural engineering program. Students that are not enrolled in an accredited architectural engineering program or programs actively seeking accreditation by EAC/ABET may be members of the team but may not be the team leader.

It is anticipated that teams will consist of two to three students per category and teams may include a maximum of ten participants. Participants are limited to competing on only one team and teams are prohibited from using help from students not officially listed on the team.

A team leader shall be designated as the point-of-contact for the purposes of the competition and shall be responsible for all correspondence and submittals. The team leader shall be a graduate or undergraduate student in an ABET-accredited architectural engineering program. In addition, each team leader must be a member of an AEI student chapter in good standing. In order to be in good standing, the AEI student chapter must provide current contact information and submit a chapter report as required by the AEI Student Bylaws.

AEI membership is required for all team members and will be verified by AEI/ASCE staff. There is no cost for AEI student membership.

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There is no limit to the number of teams that each program may register and have participating in the competition process. However, each program is required to limit the number of teams submitting final written reports for the competition to two teams. If a school has more than two teams registered, the determination of which two teams will submit their final written reports for the competition is at the discretion of each individual school program and the associated faculty advisors. Each team submitting a project to the competition must be working on their own unique design solution.

The official list of team participants shall be submitted at the time of registration and confirmed at both the time of the electronic submittal and prior to finalist presentations. Any changes to the team composition must be submitted in writing by the team’s faculty advisor with appropriate justification in advance of the electronic submittal. Any changes should be communicated to both the competition chairperson and AEI staff and must be approved by the AEI Student Design Competition Committee.


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