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Requests for Information

Students may submit Requests For Information (RFI) to obtain clarifications or resolve any ambiguities. RFIs and the answers from the competition committee will be posted as they are received.

Submit your RFIs via email to [email protected].

Q: Our team was looking into the necessary codes and standards that will be used in the design competition going forward. The National Electrical Code is a code we will be using, but which version is not given in the HopeCollege-Codes&Standards.pdf file that was provided to us. We are designing the building based off the 2009 International Building Code, so we were wondering what year of the National Electrical Code we are to be using for the project.
A: If not specifically stated in the provided documentation for the competition, teams should identify the code details in the report and provide applicable justification for the decision.

Q: Verify current campus wide use of steam and chilled water use for heating and cooling. 
A: Student teams should conduct research into campus utilities and make necessary assumptions with justifications.
Q: Define “SLL” in refrence to room tags.
A: Please provide a drawing reference number.

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