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The building shall be designed to integrate and optimize on a life cycle basis all major high-performance attributes, including energy conservation, environment, safety, building security, structural and material durability, accessibility, cost-benefit, productivity, sustainability, functionality and operational considerations.

As a part of their written submissions, teams are asked to address overall building system design issues and describe how the engineered systems work with and complement the other engineering disciplines and architecture.

It is not the intent of the competition to provide a prescriptive list of items to be submitted for each area. The submital is intended to be similar to a design development submital in content. Submittals should be developed to the level that communicates the design intent while demonstrating that the solutions have been thoughtfully developed to the point of at least proof of concept with supporting calculations, are innovative, of high quality, are realistic, and are functional within the scope outlined in the competition requirements.

Integration is defined as both the process of working together as a design/construction team and the physical result of integrated materials and systems in the building, including the use of advanced engineering techniques and tools for design coordination, interference and conflict checks and constructability. Therefore, the integration submittal should describe the team organization and process, address the interactions between the architecture, the engineered systems, and the construction, and provide rationale for the decisions made to arrive at the proposed design/construction solutions. The design team should evaluate the economic viability of major design/construction decisions in order to adhere to design intent and the construction budget.

AEI 2024 ISDC Program

AEI 2024 ISDC Addendum

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