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Requests for Information

Students may submit Requests For Information (RFI) to obtain clarifications or resolve any ambiguities. RFIs and the answers from the competition committee will be posted as they are received.

Student teams, who directly contact the owner and/or occupants of the building, will be disqualified from the competition.

Submit your RFIs via email to [email protected].


1. The architectural drawing set issued for the Georgetown Day School Lower and Middle School does not include room programming labels.   Can you provide the architectural program for the building, including but not limited to classrooms, office space, bathrooms, etc.? 
An updated drawing PDF, which indicates room names, is uploaded to the file share site.
2.  We were given a list of applicable codes as part of the documents. Upon further research into Washington DC building code we realized the codes given are not part of the current DC code cycle.  Are we to design our project to the current DC code cycle or the old one? 
For consistency, all teams should use the most recent construction codes as provided by DCRA:

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